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Submissions open until August 1st, 2024.

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Allegheny Sport + Outdoor Magazine is a new bi-annual print journal to convene trail groups, teams, outfitters, neighborhoods, athletes and artists playing and making meaning outside in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Issue 1 is launching Spring 2024.


1. Print is necessary in the digital age. As we need nature and the outdoors for our health and well-being; we need physical, analog media as a break from the digital onslaught.

2. A centralized hub for all the sport + outdoor events happening in our Quin State Region - Western PA, Northern West Virginia, Eastern Ohio, Western New York and Western Maryland.

3. We are inspired by other regional outdoor recreation magazines, such as Highland Outdoors, Vermont Sports Magazine, Blue Ridge Outdoors, Adirondack Sports Magazine, Elevation Outdoors and Adventure Sports Journal. It’s time our region has a dedicated outdoor magazine - with Pittsburgh as Base Camp.

4. We are more than the Rust Belt, Steelers Nation and a Robotics hub. We want to celebrate those working and participating in the outdoor recreation + sports economy beyond our beloved Black + Gold teams.